About Me

Having lived in a myriad of global cities across North America and East Africa, my perspective on the complexity of modern Indian identity emerged at an early age through experiences analysing my lineage and its cultural evolution (which has moved from Gujurat, India to Kenya to Canada where I was born.)

Since 1995 my work online has sought to explore phenomena involving cultural expression amongst communities online and during high school I designed rural community access programs with Nairobi's first ISP to attempt online education for children who had no books in their schools and had never used a computer before.

One outcome of studying the evolution of digital music alongside Comparative Religions at McGill University in the late 90s was the creation of Indian Electronica - my umbrella arts organization which has, since 2002, operated as a record label, online radio station and podcast series plus hosted a music festival with sessions in Toronto, New York, London and Mumbai, and has been co-produced with the BBC.

In 2005 I moved from New York to Toronto to found a studio called Design Guru that specialises in strategic design involving interfaces for online communities, and has since worked with over 70 global organizations - including NGOs, universities, political parties, media production firms and more.

Merging myriad experiences in digital culture I turned my full attention in 2012 to creating a new company called GetFilmi - to solve the problems of Indian independant cinema.  GetFilmi is primarily an online member subscription service which is building a uniquely curated catalog of films - pairing classics with titles representing the New Wave of indie producers across the subcontinent.  With a vision to raise the accesibility of Indian independant cinema, GetFilmi has global focus and is working directly with filmmakers and Festival venues, programming short-run theatrical screenings and developing a crowd-sourced funding platform to grow a sustainable audience for indie content whilst encouraging its involvement in the production process.

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Current Projects:

  • Design Guru - My agency which helps online communities communicate and grow.
  • GetFilmi - A company I founded as the premier destination site for watching Indian Cinema online.
  • Accelerator.tv - Interviews with people aiding the development of early entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Tripping.co - Plan your next trip online, solo or with friends - easily create an interactive itinerary with maps, places and transport options.
  • Indian Electronica - An arts organization I founded in 2002 to showcase electronic music expressive of South Asian identity; comprising of a record label, music festival, podcast series and more.
  • Globetronica - A digital music magazine I co-publish with Pathaan championing all forms of music from around the globe.