Contextualizing Conversations

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Back before everyone had a ‘smart’ phone in their pocket the context of conversations was often set by how you’d make a call.  Walking down the street you’d be compelled to call someone and chat because you were inspired by the moment – from visual cues or simply because your juices were flowing from the walk.  

These days it seems phones are always online, on-person and able to allow communication through a myriad of media.  Short attention spans often lead to text or photo messages being fired off through handheld devices and they are less and less being used for actually making calls.

In fact, not listening to voice messages has become the norm – with services auto transcribing them into texts and people otherwise messaging back to ask what you were calling about etc…

I hope to find companies in 2016 that want to make modern telephone conversations important, engaging and spontaneous – and to that end will actively be seeking investment opportunities in this area…. Please get in touch if you are involved in such a venture 😉