FounderDeck is now on indieGoGo

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I’ve been in recent stealth mode prototyping a really cool game for entrepreneurs and its just gone live on indieGoGo for pre-order!  Essentially FounderDeck comprises of 70 cards – each with a question about the market, founders and their team, products/services on offer, the competition, marketing and so on.


Looking back on my own entrepreneurial history, I’ve found that I always got stuck asking myself the same questions in order to start-up and create/launch new products and services.  Over the years patterns of behaviour can limit your success and the aim in creating this game is to help entrepreneurs break those patterns with an engaging way to evolve their business perspective and understanding… plus, some of the questions are personal in nature – addressing issues like the nature of risk founders undertake when launching their ventures (the things many of us choose to ignore to varying degrees of our own detriment.)


The past few weeks have evolved a simple prototype printed in my office – in terms of content and design, and I’m really happy with the format that this campaign will allow us to commission of the production partner I’ve found.  The end result will be a game which is printed on professional playing card stock housed in a custom-designed box, asking a wealth of questions which have tested well with VCs, angel investors and serial entrepreneurs in my network.


FounderDeck can be played in a variety of ways – by oneself as queue-cards to prepare for investor meetings, with colleagues to test collective understanding and motivation, with family to share your startup story or by role-playing through taking on the persona of anyone other than yourself.

The more this game is played the nimbler your mind becomes at articulating business positioning and decisions – which is something anyone can use no matter what depth of entrepreneurial experience you have!


indiegogo-logoPlease pop over the the campaign on indieGoGo and order your FounderDeck today – even if you’re not an entrepreneur or don’t work at a startup, they make great gifts for anyone who is/does 😉