Jon is a Principal at Teehan+Lax, a User Experience design firm he co-founded with Geoff Teehan in 2002, based in Toronto Canada.

He has worked in digital media since 1994 – starting at Shift Magazine where he won a National Magazine Award nomination for his writing before joining Grey Interactive a couple of years later as a copywriter.

In this conversation with Design Guru Principal Qasim Virjee, Jon recounts his observations on the early state of the digital advertising industry in the 1990s – introducing the service offering and approach of his firm framed by the need for focused User Experience design in the early 2000s. In recent years, the growth of Teehan+Lax’s team brought the need for a broader mandate – leading to differentiation of Projects from Platforms whilst defining a commitment to transcending the hourly rate through better articulation of the company’s value proposition.