Last Week’s Links (1/25/16)

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There’s just a few posts I read last week to share here this week; we’ll go from geo-specific globally branded web properties to inflation due to depressed currencies hitting digital products to advances in wearable tech to startups running out of breath racing towards uber scale to an advertising agency investing in… wait for it… start-ups. 😉

  1. YouTube returns to Pakistan after 3-year ban lifted
  2. Apple raising App Store pricing in 7 countries this week
  3. Samsung’s next fitness tracker could measure your body fat
  4. The Mistake That’s Killing So Many Silicon Valley Startups
  5. Advertising company Publicis Groupe is launching a fund that will invest tens of millions of dollars in 90 startups

*The cover image for this post is from a CFC IdeaBoost event I attended on Jan 20th where a panel discussed ‘influencers’ – human tools for brand placement leveraging their popularity through online social media to make thousands in product/service endorsements.