Last Week’s Links (2/1/16)

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Technology is increasingly helping mankind improve its health whilst curbing the effects of disease through helping us better understand how the body works.  We’re supposedly getting happier as we age but perhaps this phenomenon is reserved primarily for people in MDCs with adequate healthcare – again, something technologists , healthcare professionals and businesspeople are attempting to change.

As deflated currencies and crude prices send public markets spiraling downwards this year, investors are taking a new look at valuations whilst opportunist founders are bringing the pump closer to home.  It’s interesting to consider that there are still Communist and post-Communist communities without fast and abundant internet access in various places of the world whilst startup culture has gone pop in America – its legacy icons are often finding a new market relevance – leveraging domain knowledge through roles as co-founders of ‘new media’ plays.

As companies grow to become large enterprises they need to maintain startup values – something Nokia has realized through recent pivots to now find niche in VR.