Last Week’s Links (2/8/16)

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The magical promise of algorithms to side-step hard work and human acumen has long allured people engaged in finance – recently, Hollywood woke up from its own enchantment with mathematical models to predict slate successes.  Similarly Venture Capital is starting to wake up to the reality that unicorns don’t actually exist and more often than not tortoises win the race to profitability – something that will benefit ecosystems grounded in quality engineering and institutional support (like Kitchener-Waterloo.)

Though Africa’s middle class is still growing and the successes of mobile banking have spawned investment interest globally, China is taking a lead on the continent.  However, opportunity exists for PE locally and globally across Africa amongst SMEs, and some African startups continue to surprise global audiences with unique takes on conventional industries.

 The so called ‘Internet of Things’ is conceptually so much larger than an investment industry vertical – connected devices will become ubiquitous in the next few years and innovation in this area should not only come from consumer devices but hacknology as well.

*The cover photo on this post was taken on a walk last weekend and relates how strange the weather has been in Toronto this winter.