Before my teens I listened to local community radio and sought out the sounds of experimental DJs deftly crafting new aural narratives out of crates composed of hip hop, downtempo, house, afrobeat and everything else.

When I moved to Kenya at age 11 in 1992 I took with me recordings of those inspirational shows and by the time I bought my first turntables at university in 1998 I had spent nearly a decade studying how to mix music.  My sideline career as a DJ since about the year 2000 has seen me perform in a diverse array of cities including Nairobi, New York, Oaxaca, Montreal, Bombay, London and Toronto.

Not just content to perform, in 2002 I founded Indian Electronica – an artist organization expressive of modern South Asian aesthetics which comprises of a zine, podcasted mixes, gigs and an annual music festival (held globally in conjunction with the BBC Asian Network.)  IE is a globally recognized brand and has given stage to emerging artists around the world who have since gone on to forge solid careers in music.

Additionally, I partnered in 2011 with my longtime friend Pathaan to bring his Globetronica label online – through which we regularly review  music and publish podcast episodes expressive of electronic music from around the planet.

*You can listen to some of my music through these podcasts – all available through Apple’s iTunes service for free: