Nikolai Barnwell from 88mph Nairobi

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Nikolai Barnwell is a Director and Program Manager at one of Africa’s most exciting seed fund incubators for start-up tech companies.

In this 30 minute interview Nikolai describes how 88MPH is modeled after Y-Combinator but focused on African start-ups and based in Nairobi. Since this interview was shot in December 2012 (as part of an independent study we conducted of Kenya’s tech startup scene), 88MPH has opened a second location (in Cape Town) and has its sights set on further locations around the continent.

Both articulate and candid, Nikolai notes the current state of technical skill in the region as less-than-global-standard yet balances this with the zeal of African entrepreneurship, low costs of entry and a macro vision for Africa’s economic growth.

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