Reclaiming the Cappuccino

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Since 1994, at least once daily I have made myself an espresso drink.  I have owned and operated a variety of machinery used for this purpose and tested all sorts of beans and roasts along the way. My favourite is the cappuccino.

When I moved to NYC in 2004 I witnessed the horrors of North American coffee consumption first hand, already doubting my choice of going to Starbucks before my first day of work I saw a lady pour out half of her drink into the garbage – so that it wouldn’t spill on her hand as she walked to the office you see. 

Starbucks and similar chains have commodified coffee for North Americans and others around the world, and now hipsters have cheekily jumped on the business of delivering coffee as a niche (and upmarket) experience. With cappuccinos costing up to $5 in downtown Toronto I increasingly find myself enjoying them less out of the house.  Especially since we have mainly relegated coffee drinking to sit down cafes or messy takeaway trips…

…Yesterday however I was reminded of what this experience should be – in Siena Sheila and I stopped at an espresso bar for literally just enough time to sip a cappuccino and must have seen, heard, bumped shoulders with and smiled at 100 people passing through for the same experience, priced at a sensible $1.50 per drink.  

I’m back home next week and on the hunt for simple, accessible places to get my creamy caffeine fix without having to sit down or spend wildly.