The 2012 International Startup Festival

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The ‘International Startup Festival’ wasn’t on my radar in its first year and I was curious to discover whether attending could provide insight into financing options for GetFilmi ( – a company I’ve founded to stream Bollywood and other Indian films online. Cautious of the event turning out to be a loosely-masked conference for first-time-student/entrepreneurs I decided that its best to give it a skip this time round as well, that is, until I read about Brydon/349’s Startup Train.

The train was my excuse to attend the Festival because it simply seemed like a fun time – and the group of fellow travelers also riding turned out to be a diverse lot including Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, Lawyers and Entrepreneurs (of differing depths in experience.)  Riding to Montreal alone made the whole adventure worth it and I had a fun few minutes sharing my vision for internationally accessible high quality Indian Cinema through a live pitch (we had screens rigged up running along the length of the train car and a microphone/PA system), which was well received to the effect of winning me a ‘People’s Choice’ award!

When the time came to gather at VIA Rail’s lounge for us to return to Toronto I think we realized that it was thanks to riding Startup Train that we were returning home with both new friends and a positive experience relating to the Festival.  Brydon has talked of repeat occurrences – taking entrepreneurs, technologists and financiers on future journeys together and I look forward to going along once again for an enjoyable ride!